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Office relocation checklist

Anybody who has experienced the hassles of office relocation would readily agree it is a hectic and stressful event in their lives. Before you decide on shifting the office, the first thing to be understood should be the basic objective behind the whole process. For reducing expenditure, the solution would be to reorganize the business functioning. Move to a more spacious location if you have intentions to expand your business. Keep the following checklist while you plan for the office relocation.

4 months before relocation

It is better to locate the new place and area at least four months before itself. The first thing you have to do there is to determine the layout of the new facility. It is important to communicate with all the employees regarding the move along with the date of the impending relocation. If you plan some months ahead, it would be easy to get necessary permits and also apply for new telephone, fax numbers

2 months before relocation

Office relocation is a tedious task which cannot be carried out alone. Hence you need to hire professional moving companies who are experts in the job. You need to chalk out a detailed relocation plan after holding discussion with the Chicago movers. It is important to examine the facilities including internet, telephone and other communication connections. Depending upon the infrastructure of the new location you need to buy office furniture, desks, chairs,computers, photocopiers and other necessary equipment. Office relocation checklist One month before relocation

It is wise to discuss the entire office shifting plan with the employees one month before the shifting. Responsibility should be shred and every in dividual should be handed over with one. Useful items should be differentiated and useless ones should be trashed. Make sure to communicate with the vendors, distributors and customers regarding the change of the address. Update and keep all financial records ready. Make sure to arrange important files, checks and documents at one place.